The Institutional Internationalization Program (PrInt) was created by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes), with the following objectives: To encourage the construction, implementation and consolidation of strategic



  • Create and implement a graduate course in Microbiology in Bahia, northeast region of Brazil, aiming to form masters with capacity to produce scientific knowledge in regional and national themes.


  • Implement the first comprehensive course in the various areas of microbiology in the Northeast region and enable the formation of highly skilled human resources to act and promote scientific and technological development;
  • To produce dissertations focused on the regional reality, increasing the critical mass of teachers/researchers in the research lines included in this project;
  • Include in the themes of the course the regional reality based not only on problems, but also on the potential of the region, represented by the various Biomms present in state of Bahia and in Northeast region;
  • Integrating the various areas of microbiology, increasing the capacity of multi and Interdisciplinary association with the realization of dissertations in the various microbiology area.